Wanting to be happy is different from actually being happy.  I like to think that happiness, much like love, is something that we have to practice, work on, and choose everyday.  Thinking happy and actively choosing to be happy are important steps along the journey.  This blog is my attempt to break out of autopilot and into thinking and choosing happiness.

Recently, I heard about an Emmons’ study where subjects who wrote down one thing they were grateful for everyday reported being 25% happier for a full six months after only three weeks of ‘gratefulness journaling’.  I think there’s something to this and inspired by this research, I am starting this blog as a sort of challenge to myself to think and eventually be happier.

As I journey through life trying to find happiness, I will use this blog as a sort of journal where I’ll share the happy highlights of my week and hopefully, I’ll inspire some others to ‘think happy’ in their lives.