Bunny Battle


A few weeks ago Evan built up this cute little garden in the same little plot he’s planted many vegetable patches before.  After picking out the perfect seedlings, cleaning out the area, buying and laying down new mulch, he was proud of his little patch.

It was beautiful and I was proud of him, he worked for some time to make it just perfect.  At this point, we thought that the hard work was over.  In previous years, that was about it.  He planted the garden and aside from some daily watering, we sat back and collected the harvest.

The morning after he planted his precious little sprouts, Evan went out to check on them only to find one of his Rutgers tomatoes half as tall as he’d left it the day before.  Confused, he started checking his other plants and out of the corner of his eye, noticed the shrunken tomato plant being PULLED INTO THE GROUND! Seconds later, he tugged the gnarled plant up in an effort to reclaim his plant only to find that its roots had been eaten and all that was left was a broken down bit of vine.


I was at work during this first tomato massacre.  I had no idea what happened and was surprised to receive a simple and to-the-point text asking if cayenne pepper could be substituted for chilli powder.  Surprised, confused, and rather delighted that it seemed he was planning on making a zazzy meal, I asked what he was making and was somewhat shocked when minutes later he responded with “its for the bunnies” and nothing else.

Turns out that angry and upset after the tomato debacle he had run inside, looked up some organic methods of pest control, mixed up a concoction with which he baptized his remaining seedlings.  Believing that he’d outsmarted the bunnies, he triumphantly sauntered inside.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

As if in a cartoon, the next morning when he went out to check on his garden the horrendous scene of the previous morning was repeated almost exactly.  The second tomato plant was sucked into the ground before his very eyes. With two out of his three Rutgers tomato plants gone, he took no chances.  The last tomato & strawberry plants were quickly potted and surrounded by not one but two rounds of chicken wire.  The garden was restored and other plants were planted in the formerly desecrated area.  For about a week, things were going well.

Until yesterday.

When we came out to check on the garden after work, one of the three newly planted sunflower plants had been chewed to half its original size.  A few hours later, we came out and found a second sunflower seedling snapped clean in half and this time, as if to mock our efforts, the evidence left behind.  Frustrated, my gallant garden soldier grabbed his remaining chicken wire and fenced in the remaining sunflower.

War has been officially declared.  Bunnies beware!!

Imagine our shock when today after a routine trip to the grocery store, we came back to our car to find one of our back tires surrounded by carrots (photo evidence below). BUNNIES!  They’ve struck again!



Living this garden experience has been a frustrating and rather ‘joy-less’ experience but after taking a step back to re-examine our bunny battle, we are both able to laugh (although since we are still deep in the trenches, our laughter is still rather terse at this point).   It is hard to deny just how funny this all is even if we’d rather a peaceful draw.

Life throws us plenty of curve balls and through it all we’re forced to deal with and struggle through many difficult situations (many of which are much more challenging and serious then our little bunny battle).  Our recent experiences in the garden serve as an important reminder that things usually aren’t as bad as we make them out to be, and even more importantly we’re reminded of the critical importance of humor.  Humor coupled with a positive attitude helps to make difficult situations bearable.  If we’re able to laugh at ourselves in the face of adversity we’ll be much happier in the long run.

Life is too short to hold grudges against bunnies.


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