Becoming the Person I Want to Be

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who browses through thrift stores and flea markets patiently searching for some amazing thing and then effortlessly bargaining the object/s into my life.   I love vintage fashion, the whole idea of finding something old and giving it new life and holding something that I know has true depth as it has been a part of someone’s life history.  I like to imagine the previous owners of the hidden treasures I find at flea markets and thrift stores.  I often nostalgically wonder about their lives , loves and losses, who they were, and what they’d seen.   

Unfortunately for me, the act of shopping is daunting.  Where I can spend hours in a fresh food market marveling at all the ingredients before me and imagining all the fantastic dishes I can potentially make with them, bring me to a clothing store and I am utterly useless.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up, nice cloths and putting together outfits but actually shopping… nope.  When I need a new piece for my closet, I either shop online or march into a store with tunnel vision.  If I don’t find exactly what I want in a matter of minutes, I turn around and practically sprint out the door…then browse Amazon.

Planning a vintage/1950s inspired wedding  has nudged me into become the thrifting type of person I have longed to become (although I admit transitioning from the type of person who balks at the mere mention of shopping into someone who can just barely enjoy it hasn’t been easy).  Yesterday I went with Evan’s family to the Columbus Flea Market which to my joy is host not only to a HUGE flea market but amongst the stalls and shops there are produce, meat, and fish markets. 

As we walked around I found I absolutely loved looking through all the wares on display and it wasn’t long until we stumbled upon a stand manned by two lovely young ladies planning on using the funds raised from their sales to help protect elephants in Indonesia.  They were so endearingly enthusiastic about their cause that I stopped to look around and boy am I glad I did!  Their stall had just what I was looking for: old books!

Among the pieces we picked up are “Mr. and Mrs. Cugat: The Record of a Happy Marriage” by Rorick, “Wake up Younger” by Gertman and Alpert, and a 1939 “Modern Cook Book: Hints for Housekeepers” (as a cooking enthusiast, this last one is of particular interest and I can’t wait to try some of the old recipes buried within its pages).  I absolutely love thumbing through these relics of the past.  One of the Children’s Poetry books I found at the stall was given as a gift in 1913! Unfortunately that one was too tattered for us to use but most of the other books were absolutely perfect. 

Here are 10 of the books we got yesterday – the 11th is sitting on my night table 😉  Not only do these make darling decorations but they are turning out to be some fantastic reads!


After securing our first purchase of the day, we continued through the markets looking for more books and old tins to use as centerpieces.  To our delight we found three beautiful old tins to add to our small but growing collection.

The “Slade’s Caramel Toffy” was the first tin we found at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I fell in love with its classically rustic beauty and knew that I’d somehow like to use it and others like it on my big day.  It inspired us to find the other three pictured here.


When I first thought of having a vintage themed wedding, my goal was to be different.  I want my wedding to speak to us as a couple and our creative inspirations.  I want it to be something that we both work on together as a team and hunting these tins and books.  I’ve got all kinds of unconventional ideas and sometimes it is difficult to express what it is I can so clearly envision in my mind’s eye.  When I’ve attempted to explain my wedding-related ideas I’ve gotten some confused and doubting looks which often leave me questioning whether or not my ideas are worth pursuing.  After yesterday, things started to come together, I could finally visually express and share some of my ideas and they work.

center pieces.JPG
I’m planning on arranging our centerpieces something like this.  You just have to imagine this is sitting atop a maroon doily with some fantastic fabric flowers in the tin and a few small glass jars full of baby’s breath surrounding this main center piece. 


Through it all, Evan’s stood by my side standing up for my sometimes outlandish ideas (and providing the voice of reason when necessary).  Throughout this whole wedding process (as well as the almost 7 years leading up to it), he’s helped me to become the type of person I want to be. The person who confidently follows her passions, isn’t afraid to stray from conventions, and moves out of her comfort zone to make things happen.

I’m still a work in progress but I think I’m moving in the right direction!


2 thoughts on “Becoming the Person I Want to Be

  1. I love love love this entry! I too love everything vintage and my favorite pastime is going antiquing! Great pictures and I’m curious how your wedding dress will look!


    1. Then you should go to the Columbus Flea market, it’s fantastic! I love this thrift shop in Belmar on 10th Ave (it’s where we got the 1st tin) too if you’re interested they have all kinds of fabulous household things. I can’t wait to decorate my home some day! I got the whole vintage idea after looking at my grandmother’s 1963 wedding dress. She didn’t have hers anymore but I found a dress that looks oh-so-simlar in an adorable little bridal shop in Lambertville 😍 so cute!

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