Cake, Family & Impromptu Dance Parties

Summer is such a wonderful.  The warm weather inspires beach days, gatherings and all kinds of fun activities.  It is the perfect time to get together with old friends, reconnect with family, and often, your own self.  It was a difficult week but thankfully the weekend (despite some overcast weather) was a substantial improvement.

One of my very good friends, Susie, had invited my (rather large) family to her home for a summer party that I’d been looking forward to.  Throughout the week Susie had been updating me on the foods they were preparing and by the time Friday came around I could barely contain my excitement! SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!

ice cream cake
Susie sent me this picture of the cinnamon ice cream cake she’d made the day before the party. It was so good, I’ll probably be dreaming about it until next Summer…


Because there are so many people (and mouths) in our family, when people invite us to something, its a big deal and its always a struggle to come up with what we should bring (everyone’s got some opinion).  Susie’s family has been so wonderfully gracious to us in the past that we all wanted to make/bring something special for the party.  We ended up splitting up into teams, two worked on making a flan, another two pared up to make chocolate cake and my group of three opted to make a pineapple upside-down cake.  My group and I ran to the supermarket, gathered our ingredients and dashed back into the kitchen where we worked to some awesome dance tunes in an attempt to beat the other two teams with our dessert.  We danced as we worked and before we knew it, we were just about ready to bake our cake.

Assembling our pineapple upside-down cake.


I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen and it was so much fun to see everyone in my family (minus little man who was napping) helping and working together.  My team finished our cake before the others so ours was the first to go into the oven.  While we were waiting for our cake, we cleaned up our area of the kitchen and boogied over to the family room.

This girl’s got some moves!


It rarely happens but sometimes we get everyone in the family room, turn on some tunes and have so much fun dancing the time away.  Its such a great way to bond with everyone and we all love it! Sometimes my family gets me stressed out and frustrated but its time like our cooking competitions and yesterday’s impromptu dance party when I remember just how much I love every single one of them.

We brought the desserts over to the party and had such a lovely time together, we had awesome food, enjoyed great company and made new friends – I think that’s what summer is all about!

The embers flying out of this chimney were beautiful – they looked like stars swirling above my head.


Its hard not to feel happy on days like this!


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