Re-Living the Early Years

Earlier this week while sitting at dinner with my family, the conversation turned to my sister Heather, whose in the early stages of her first real relationship.  Being the overly enthusiastic big sister that I am, I cant help but be excited for her because I have great memories of my own first real (and still enduring) relationship.  I’ve already dragged Evan along as the “Ashley cab” -AKA my trusty old Elantra named Gloria – chauffeured to two of the little love birds on their dates.  I’ve tried to glean information about the two and bring them together for some time and am so glad that they are finally (seeming to) hit it off.

While Evan and I have met the young fella, no one else in my family has and they are just about bursting with curiosity.  We started talking about maybe having him over for dinner to meet everyone and eventually the conversation turned away from Heather and her boo but back to when Evan first met my family.

Because we’ve been together for so long, its easy to forget (not just for myself but for my sisters too) that there was once a time when Evan wasn’t around.  Going back to that time and talking about it all together was so much fun and I was reminded again how lucky I am that he’s stuck with me through all that my nutty family has thrown at him.

When we first started dating, Evan was a Sophomore in High School and I was a Junior (technically I skipped a grade so I’m really only a few months older… the age difference seemed less then ideal back in high school which really is less the idea) and my sisters ranged from 9 to 1 years old.  I was mortified when I first brought him over because little people (especially my sisters) have literally no filter and because he clearly comes from an oh-so-normal/typical American household with perfectly trimmed hedges, an always organized home and only three (mostly grown) kids.  My house couldn’t be more different, we’re all over the place with 6 (mostly well-behaved but very messy) children and a very culturally different outlook on life (I think our Spanish heritage has led my parents to be more easy going and relaxed then most).

The poor guy came in and he fell subject to the three year old’s very un-funny knock, knock jokes and the three littlest of my sisters started chanting that he smelled like poop and pickles (totally un-true, Evan’s never smelled weird at sisters just enjoy embarrassing me).  They all (including Heather) teased him that his faded red “Rutgers University” shirt looked pink (not really sure why that was so funny to them all) and with clear disregard for personal space, thought it was totally okay to jump all over him.

We can laugh about it all now but I was so mortified that day and just about that whole first year we were together.  Its since all worked out and in the end, the family didn’t scare him away as Evan’s still standing strong by my side, totally versed in little kid speak now.  He even came down to ‘little Cuba’ aka South Florida meet my extended family and survived my very critical grandma (more on that later), an intimidating uncle and my adorably affectionate but cluttery and stubbornly inconsiderate grandpa.

We’ve been through so much together, its crazy to take a second and remember how far we’ve come.

I’m hoping for the best with the next sister paring off but…. Good luck to Heather and her bae who both have so much to look forward to meeting the family!










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