Just Dance.

We love to dance and I’m pretty convinced we’ve all been born with some island rhythm pumping through our veins.  No matter the music, number of people dancing or party vibe, if our family is invited, you can bet your bottom dollar at least one of us will be the first and another the last on the dance floor.  Yesterday was no different.

This past week my family and I were invited to a friend’s sweet 16 party.  We were all looking forward to the evening and it wasn’t long until it was time for us to get going to the party.  As you may already know by now, as the eldest of 6, I’m constantly fretting over my siblings (and very laid back parents) lack of time management.  As the time grew nearer for us to leave Evan and I did our best to motivate everyone to get ready but it just seems like our reasonable and timely reminders simply caress my sisters (and even my parents) ears without actually making their way into their heads.  We may as well be speaking into the wind.

With 30 minutes before the party was to start my parents were still outside working on installing turf under the new swing set, Heather was playing her guitar, Little Man was still fast asleep taking his nap and the girls were wrecking havoc in the basement painting and assembling doll furniture.  It wasn’t until the party was set to begin that everyone started to (slowly) get themselves ready to go.  I woke Little Man up from his nap and he was miserable (so was my mom because she views his naps as sacred) as I tried to get him into his nice cloths.  Before long everyone but my mom was ready and time was slowly ticking away.  It wasn’t until almost an hour after the party’s start time that we all finally made it out of the house and into the car.  No one in the car really seemed to mind how late we actually were but being the anxiety riddled people that we are, Evan and I were very upset and embarrassed to be going so late.

Just as we walked into the party and found our seats the DJ began calling people  up to eat.  As expected, the food was fantastic but much to my mother’s frustration, a very grumpy Little Man was having none of it.  She finally stopped trying to get him to eat and just as she put him down, he was gone making a B-line for the empty dance floor.  The little guy stayed there the entire night! He wiggled the night away stopping only to pose for pictures (check out my IG for a video of him owning the dance floor).

Just about everyone was smitten with him and it wasn’t long before he inspired the rest of our family to boogie on down and join him.  Once we all get going there’s no stopping us.  My family always ends up laying claim to one corner of the dance floor where we spend the rest of the night just shaking what we’ve got.  Thank goodness for funny little people and music’s ability to help me forget my pent up frustrations enough to loosen up, enjoy the moment and just dance.








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