In the Beginning we Hiked Through Waterfalls

It’s been just over a year since Evan popped the question and I cant help but reflect back on our relationship and that day.  We met just over 7 years ago when a friend of mine (we’ll call her Carrie) asked if I would come to a church youth group because she liked one of the… Continue reading In the Beginning we Hiked Through Waterfalls


Growing up in Florida I was always outside swinging from trees and imagining and play acting one fantastical story after another.  I never had very many friends but it never bothered me because I was always pretty happy and filled with the confidence that comes with childhood.  Somewhere along the line -around the time we moved to the less… Continue reading Lessons

Farm to Table: Harvest

I’m a dreamer, I’ve got my head in the clouds and I’m always making big proclamations about life and our future.  Thankfully, Evan keeps me grounded and focused with his analytical thought process.  I throw something at him and he tries his darnedest to creatively come up with a way for that abstract (usually off… Continue reading Farm to Table: Harvest

Parallel Parking

I envy people who’ve got it together.  I’m not talking about the people who’ve got life figured out and are living perfectly happy all the time (lets face it, I’m pretty sure that isn’t even possible).  What I’m talking about are those people who know what their passion is in life.  The ones who know… Continue reading Parallel Parking

The Dream

Having growing up as the eldest in a big family (and still living at home) definitely has its ups and downs.  There’s basically no privacy, anything I do has to be setting an example for my siblings and sometimes I feel like I was born into a job I really didn’t ask for.  My sisters… Continue reading The Dream

Just Dance.

We love to dance and I’m pretty convinced we’ve all been born with some island rhythm pumping through our veins.  No matter the music, number of people dancing or party vibe, if our family is invited, you can bet your bottom dollar at least one of us will be the first and another the last on… Continue reading Just Dance.

Vacation Moments

Unfortunately I haven’t had a real vacation this summer.  It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to have a few days to just be.  What I mean by that is to have enough time to enjoy a string of stolen moments without any stress, anxiety, worrying, or responsibility. If you met me, you’d understand that this is… Continue reading Vacation Moments